My ideal sub


Well, I’m actually don’t like subs has to be forced to obey, that is meaningless for Me. 

I want somebody whose more deeply desire is to surrender his will to Me, whose bigger pleasure be give Me pleasure and make Me happy. Someone who I don’t need to force, because he is in the persuit of his real place at my feet, kissing my boots. I want a man happy to offer his body, mind and soul for me to play and cover all my needs and whims. I want a submissive soul, who look forward to be owned, because he need it, not some body who constantly wants run out a relationship with Me and have to be forced to stay in. 

That’s my Ideal sub: surrended, obedient, gratefull even about the pain I give him, and happy to embrace his trully submissive self.

3 comentarios sobre “My ideal sub

  1. Buenas días
    Soy easy247ltr de CM , si hablo español. Me gusta tus idees. Si soy un esclavo voluntarios y tomo tus órdenes como mi ley de vida. Pienso eres un buen persona. Y me gusta te conocer mejor ….Eres un poco lejos
    Pero al final yo necesito solo un vuelo a ti, quiero besar tus piernas y me desnudar por usted.
    Esclavo sueco de Tarragona

    Me gusta

    1. ¡Hola, Johan! Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado mi blog. Este es un mal momento para las relaciones a la distancia, pero no hay nada malo en conversar y ver a donde nos lleva eso. Podés buscarme en Fetlife como Ama Ashtart o en Collarspace como Ashtart.

      Me gusta


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