Por Ama Ashtart

Ama Ashtart: When you be ready to go out for dinner, I’ll make you suck the plug and keep it in your mouth, then I’ll bend you agains the door, I’ll drop your pants a little and pull your pantys down with my finger… you know what follows, don’t you? Yes! I’ll take the plug out from your mouth and insert it in your anus… Then, I gonna fix your outfit and we’ll go out for dinner.

Patsy: Thank you, Dómina!

Ama Ashtart: When you’ll walk, you gonna feel the plug getting out a little, and when you’ll sit for dinner, you gonna feel the plug inserting into your body again… Every single movement you do, you will feel it inside!

Patsy: So sexy knowing we have a little secret between us!

Ama Ashtart: Yes, very exciting! This gonna prepare you for when we go back to our room: first, you need some spank for all your misbehaving this days. 

Patsy: Please punishme, Dómina, I need to become a better slave for you.

Ama Ashtart: I’ll do. After your ass get properly red, I’ll get you pegged and make you gasp, moan and maybe even cry a little… you gonna grab the sheets, bite the pillow and feel your ass opening to my invassion.

Patsy: I love you so much, Dómina!

Ama Ashtart: I know, and to prove that, this time you must take whatever I’ll give to you, even the big dildo you can’t take untill now. Now, go to sleep and dream with it. Sweet nightmares! 

Patsy: I will, Dómina!


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