Warning: forced bisex soon…

If I take you at my service, is quite possible in some moment I want to spend a night with two subs at the same time, including you. 
Imagine that: we both, lay on the side down, face to face, seeing each other eyes, your leg over my hip, kissing in the mouth… then I make a gesture to my other sub, who is lay down behind you, he hold you from your waist for to penetrate you slowly… you moan until you are deeply assfuck…
You feel his big cock go in and out your body, the pleasure and the pain his penetration causes to you, you feel his strong arm grabbing you, the hot breath of his gasps and moans in your neck and your back.
But also you feel the shame of see Me in the eyes at the same time other man fucks you. That penis having you moaning like a little bitch in heat and your red face, makes very clear your manhood now worth nothing. You notice I’m watching your flaccid penis, which plays no role in that sex night. There is a hole in you stomach.
I command for the other sub to bump you hard and merciless. Then you, who aren’t in to men… you, who claims you are straight… you, in front of your Dómina… you, who don’t want to fuck with men… you, with your useless and unusable dick… you, only for obedience and for my pleasure accept to play with other sub.
In that very moment, seeing my eyes, you have an anal orgasm, no erection, no ejaculation, strongly moaning for pleasure, but I swallow your moaning with a kiss all over your mouth.
And here is and interesting twist: it isn’t over, because my pleasure doesn’t depends of your dick or your orgasm, and I’m still having fun,  then the other sub doesn’t stop, he rides you without a break… your mind gets wide open, like your ass, and your anus is sore, like the image of the man they told you must be.
You have the pleasure of the submissive man who gives pleasure to his Dómina, and you understand this going to keep happening y you must to get use to it… and the worst thing is that didn’t bothers you at all…
After that night, long and hard night, it will be frequent to have you, hands over my lap, seeing into my eyes, at the same time other sub fuck your ass for Me, and you… you gonna be craving for it!

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