Thanks!, but no, thanks…

Don’t get me wrong, I love chatting with any kinds of people, even if we share preferences or not. Better if they are into BDSM, because we learn from each other experiences, but I’m getting tired of phrases like “I’m new here and I want to learn, so you teach me“I am looking for Mistress, I want to be forced to submit, when we’ll meet?” “I am submissive and I want you to educate me…” “I’m naked now, what I can do to please you…” “You dominate me now and we’ll see what happens after that…”, etc, etc, etc… and anyone else who wants to use Me as if I were a book released on a park’s bench.

Let’s be clear: I like to share experiences, but I have no interest in wasting my time and effort training someone who is not even under my consideration just because he wanted. Any way, if someone has an interest in a topic, they should at least google it and find out what it is about, right?

But hey, if you googled it and this came out, I clarify for you this training is called “taming”, it is all about a Domina teaching her sub how She wants him to serve Her and specifically Her, which are Hers preferences and how he must follow her protocol…

But hey! it is a customize training, because what one Dómina loves, another one may hate. Although there are basic rules, there is no universal training, each person is different, so you have to take the time, respect and dedication to meet your Lady. The same applies for vanilla relationships.

Pretending otherwise is the pseudo-FEMDOM version of the stupid phrase “Who understands Women?” Surprise! Nobody understands Women, because there are no “Women” here, there is one Woman at a time, who will agree and differ in some things from other ones you’ve known before, who will hate things others love and love things others hate. No recipes.

So you, who want Me to educate you based on… nothing!, here you will not find rough sex, easy and without commitment, don’t waste your time or make me lose mine.


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